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Letter: Women’s March is a chance to participate in democracy

Women’s March is a chance to participate in democracy

The Women’s March on Washington on inauguration weekend seems to be a well-kept secret. Our purpose is to keep the legal and social reforms that have occurred in our lifetime.

When I was in high school, there were no sports for girls (only intramurals) until the Title IX law, which said that females could no longer be excluded from participation in any activity receiving federal money (1972). A woman could not get a credit card without a man co-signing until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which finally prevented discrimination based on gender, religion and national origin (1974).

The pro-women message is that we will not be silent and do not want to roll back any gains made in the last 60 years that help ensure the basic rights each person is entitled to. The Women’s March is inclusive; many causes will be represented, such as, but not limited to, immigrants’ rights, police killings of African-Americans, Planned Parenthood, environmentalists, anti-war group Code Pink, LGBT and more.

More than 200,000 marchers from around the country are expected. My friends and I are driving from Western New York, and my sister-in-law, from Cincinnati, will be arriving on one of the 1,000 buses coming from around the country. Most of us believe that climate change exists, women should be paid the same as men, the minimum wage should be raised, a single-payer true universal health care system is needed and we should not invade countries. None of that has changed since the election.

Only about 26 percent of the eligible voters (60,265,858) voted for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton received 60,839,922 votes and 110,450,842 eligible voters did not vote.

The election was a wake-up call that more of us need to participate in our democracy. Let’s help preserve what it says in the Pledge of Allegiance: “liberty and justice for all.”

Joan Beverly


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