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Letter: Florida governor’s actions widen the country’s divide

Florida governor’s actions widen the country’s divide

In the coming days and weeks, there will be a politicization of the killings at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We’ve seen it too many times not to expect it. I have already heard comments that affix blame for the tragedy to our current president. But today we can clearly identify the genesis of the ugly practice of inserting a political agenda into a horrific personal tragedy.

As if on script and strategically devised, Florida Gov. Rick Scott wasted very little time to enlarge the gaping divide in the United States that will paralyze our future. In his initial press conference near the scene of the crime, he said he reached out to Donald Trump and Mike Pence to keep them in the loop, and that they offered the assistance of the federal government. When asked if he had spoken to President Obama, he said he had not. Are we not all curious as to why Scott, a Republican, reached out to a man who is not our president and made that loud and clear just moments into his initial press conference? Or maybe it is very clear to us why he did it.

What are the protocols for communication with the president when a local tragedy takes place? I don’t know and neither does any one of us outside of the government structure. But Scott’s action seems to reek of angry, negative political hackery intended to damage our sitting president to the benefit of the incoming man.

Many will respond to this letter thinking I am naive not to see that both parties engage in this behavior. But I am not. I am not happy when any administration disparages or tries to make life harder for its opponents. It serves no gainful purpose. The willingness of Scott, in the throes of a tragedy, to engage in political warfare is appalling and he should be called out for it. No matter what party you’re rooting for, the divide he helped widen will imperil all of us.

Dan Bailey

East Aurora

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