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Kyle Williams mulling his future with Bills

In the aftermath of Sunday's season-ending loss at the Jets, defensive tackle Kyle Williams sounded like a man who might not return to the Bills next year for a 12th NFL season.

Williams, who turns 34 in June, admitted he has a lot of thinking to do before deciding whether to come back. There was a report on the game broadcast that he was considering retirement, and Williams didn't refute it after the game. Williams wasn't available to speak with the media Monday morning on locker cleanout day.

"I'll evaluate everything over the next couple of weeks," Williams said. "What I did well, what I could have done better, an introspective deal. I'll look at everything. As far as a timeline, I don't really have one. We'll kind of go with the flow."

Williams has a lot to consider. He has suffered from a myriad of injuries over his career. This year, it was a back injury that sideline him for the Steelers game. Last year, it was a knee. A few years earlier, he had heel surgery.  At this point in his career, it requires an intense off-season of conditioning to get ready for a tough NFL season.

He also has to weigh the future of the Bills, and whether they'll want him back. Williams will be an $8.3 million cap hit next season.  The Bills might decide to cut him and use the money elsewhere. If they intend to bring him back, he'll have to determine where the franchise is headed and whether he'd be returning to a team with a legitimate chance to make the playoffs.

Williams was asked whether one of the questions in his mind was whether the Bills will be rebuilding or making another run at breaking the postseason drought, which is at 17 years.

"That's a big cloud of 'I don't know'," he said. "All I can say is I just don't know. We'll see.""

Is he leaning one way or the other on retirement?

"I have a lot of things to process, as far as the season and trying to figure those things out moving forward," he said. "There's a whole lot of guys in here who aren't going to be here, whether it's retirement or moving in a different direction.

"I just worry about the things I can control. Healing up a little bit, go spend time with the family and evaluate the year and always looking to get better."

The season had been over for only half an hour as Williams stood at his locker in MetLife Stadium. Williams said he probably needed some time to arrive at a decision. He said he'll follow the coaching search closely.

"I guess," he said. "But I'll approach this offseason the way I always have. I'll move rest and let my body heal and figure out my plan to get better and what I can do. Anything that happens down the road with coaches and things, it'll be a real fluid situation.

"I care about my team. I kind of want to know where we're headed.  And I love being a Buffalo Bill; that means a lot ot me. It's hard to tell you anything concrete at this point. Any kind of decision will have emotion in it. But we'll see how things play out over the next few weeks. See what the plan is, see what their plan is, and we'll see."

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