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Letter: Do not back off from fight to alleviate climate change

Do not back off from fight to alleviate climate change

The media never asked a question about the environment during all of the presidential debates, including primary debates. Why not? For the same reasons they undersensationalize all environmental news. Because the news is a business, owned by business and paid for by advertising dollars from business. Comcast owns NBC. Oil, petrochemical and automotive are among the richest interests on the planet. Imagine if every time you saw an add for a Hummer it was followed by a news spot warning that auto exhaust is linked to heart/lung disease and cancer; or carbon monoxide is a heat-trapping gas. You won’t see that. It would be a real bummer not to sell that Hummer, not to get those ad dollars.

Where the mainstream media underreports, industry front groups for oil, gas and the “pollute as you will” elements of the business community pay to spread confusion. They wrap disinformation in the flag so that fake news sites and false patriots pass around the lies.

The front groups and politicians they pay for (looks like only Republicans) harass scientists working on climate change through FOIA requests, investigations and lawsuits.

We must not be intimidated. Keep it simple. Millions of vehicles, power plants and factories dumping millions of tons of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere each year does just that: traps heat. A hotter planet creates freakish weather.

Mark LaCroix


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