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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Nov. 16, 2016.


• Upper Mountain Road, Holly M. Curcione; Paul D. Curcione to Rebecca J. Moose, $102,000.
• Fairview Dr & Fair Ct West, Arcane Properties; Martha M. Juchnowski; Gail Wagoner; Gail Evelyn Wagoner to Arcane Properties, $26,000.

• 9464 Ridge Road, Community Restoration Corp; Kristen M. Wasnock; Randall E. Wasnock to Community Restoration Corp, $168,759.
• &ridge Road, Laurie Acevedo; James Acevedo to Colleen A. Kittle; Donald C. Kittle Jr., $76,500.

• Tuscarora St & Mountain View Drive, Jeri Ann Delmonte; David S. Grant; Joanna V. Grant to Jeri Ann Delmonte; Mark Delmonte, $450,000.
• 704 Raymond Drive, Amanda R. Amendola-Gee; Brenden W. Gee to Michael B. Stuart; Nicole M. Stuart, $318,000.
• Creek Rd Ext, Angelo J. Morreale; Anthony J. Morreale; Louisa Morreale to Joseph Santoro, $150,000.
• Saunders Settlement Road, Todd D. Brooks; James W. Halliday; Marilyn K. Halliday; Marilyn K. Higgins to Todd D. Brooks, $126,000.
• Pletcher Road, Joseph W. Leary to Stephen M. Pusateri, $120,000.

• Green St., Belinda A. Ragland; Christopher R. Ragland to Aaron Robinson; Christine Robinson, $85,000.
• Saxton St., Adam J. Duersteler; Jacqueline L. Duersteler; Jacqueline L. Schuck to Jason Saunders, $82,500.
• Pine St., Mam Holdings; HUD to Mam Holdings; Mt Home Improvements, $45,900.
• 99 Caledonia St., Fannie Mae to Pamela Kaiser; Todd Kaiser, $38,152.

• Dysinger Road, Guru Sahai; Steve Sireci; Wallis Sireci to Guru Sahai, $615,000.
• Rapids Road, Vanderbilt Properties to Steven W. Paradise, $249,900.
• Hamm Road, Robert Cryor; Susan Cryor to Edward J. Lewis; Kathleen P. Lewis, $190,000.
• Heather Drive, Brian J. Kozlowski; Megan M. Lilley; Michael B. Lilley to Brian J. Kozlowski; Linda M. Kozlowski, $182,000.
• Cambridge Dr Worthington Ridge Condo Unit #4817a, Stanley J Tinder Family Trust Agreement; Maxine M. Kudel; Tamura L. Stratton to Donald W. Gibb; Karen S. Gibb, $168,000.
• 6lake Ave & Heather Drive, Jill E. Keys; Ryan M. Keys to Benjamin A. Martin; Jessica A. Martin, $140,000.
• Bartz Road, Samuel D. Belsito to James M. Wild, $140,000.
• Colonial Drive, Kenneth R. Eigenmann; Sheila A. Eigenmann to Jordan L. Gerst, $125,000.
• Cambridge Dr Worthing Ridge Condo Unit #4809-f & Garage Unit #7, Deanna M. Duxbury; Donald B. Stumpf; Joanna Stumpf to Deanna M. Duxbury, $105,000.

• Ontario St., Cheryl A. Kimble; Gaye E. Udell to Cheryl A. Kimble, $180,000.
• 6237 Drake Settlement Road, Fannie Mae; Linda A. Gargalino to Fannie Mae, $152,669.
• 2690 Main St., Keybank National Assoc; Margaret Walker; Raymond Walker to Keybank National Assoc, $64,329.
• 3480 Ewings Road, Linda Marie Andrews; Scott Russell Andrews; Linda M. Lowe to Benjamin A. Robelo; David A. Robelo; Katia E. Robelo; Theresa H. Robelo, $28,000.
• Coomer Road, Joseph D. Critelli to Arend J. Dekker; Kay F. Dekker, $20,000.
• Brown Road, Janet E. Berning; Lindee L. Berning to Mark A. Haselbauer; Suzanne Haselbauer, $15,000.

• Forest Ave., John C. Colucci to Anthony M. Volpe, $111,300.
• 6265 South Whitham Drive, Tina Coppins; Jean M. Janese; Jeffrey C. Janese; Rudolph M. Janese to Tabitha M. Deon; Jamar M. Tyson, $93,500.
• Roselle Ave., Danielle Favret to Anita L. Harutjunian, $88,196.
• Cayuga Drive, Richard Geiss; Donald A. Wittcop to Richard Geiss, $87,550.
• Cleveland Ave., Kandice Dennis; Gerald Giovannucci to Kandice Dennis, $70,000.
• Crescent Drive, Laure E. Boody; Jeffrey A. Leclair to Laure E. Boody, $69,500.
• Estates At Wildwood Acres Condo B Unit #204 Beckwith Ave., John Donald St; Julie B. Walters to John Donald St, $67,000.
• Buffalo Ave., Ann Derosa; Donald E. Holben; Justine P. Holben to Ann Derosa, $59,000.
• 535 23rd St., 535 23rd St. Associates; Ten Apartments to 535 23rd St. Associates, $53,000.
• 3327 Simmons Ave., Jonathan Cribbs; Robert R. Garcia to Jonathan Cribbs, $53,000.
• Bk O Council St., Shirley J. Smith-Masters; Angelo L. Zino Jr. to Shirley J. Smith-Masters, $50,000.
• Portage Rd & Fort St., Smg Enterprises; Jennifer C. Swetts to Smg Enterprises, $48,100.
• 2432 North Ave., Gerald K. Dunlap; Sharon Ellnor to Gerald K. Dunlap, $41,000.
• 91st St., Andrew Bolton; Anthony Iannone; Marilyn Iannone to Andrew Bolton, $35,000.
• Macklem Ave., Kyle R. Andrews; Gladys L. Fell; Bethany E. Griffin; David W. Griffin to Andrew Colangelo, $28,000.
• Bk F, Wing Properties; Robert J. Franke; Vaunda L. Franke to Wing Properties, $22,000.
• Ontario Ave., Wing Properties; Robert J. Franke; Vaunda L. Franke to Wing Properties, $18,000.
• 1847 Tuscarora Road, Kc Erie Niagara Properties; Cheryl Coulter; Cheryl L. Coulter; Mark M. Coulter; Mark/ref Coulter to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $15,721.
• Ontario Ave., Jtm1990; Igor Peric; Miro Peric to Jtm1990, $11,000.
• 1734 Willow Ave., Ocwen Loan Servicing; Registered Holders of Structured Asset Securities Corp /att; US Bank NA -Tr/att to Christina Jackson, $10,924.
• 442 Elmwood Ave., Realty Road Associates to Victor Acevedo Jr., $7,500.
• 1352 Ontario Ave., Mdb Property Fund New York; Mdb Property Fund NY to Paras Pradhan; Jayambu N. Ranjit, $7,500.

• Ward Rd & South Ave., Mcw Const to Charles R. Darrin; Sean Z. Polen, $219,900.
• 1313 Sweeney St., HUD to Marlana W. White; Quinn C. White, $201,900.
• Sherwood Court, Rita A. Hunt; John T. Tylock; Rita A. Tylock to Brian Zeliff; Jennifer Zeliff, $145,000.
• Summit Boulevard, Anthony P. Melidona; Thomas A. Sammarco to Anthony P. Melidona, $135,000.
• Master St., Gabriele Beck; Ottilie Esch to Deborah Diel; Daniel Francken, $135,000.
• Center Ave., Lindsay R. Grosskopf; Josh L. Shufelt to Lindsay R. Grosskopf; Richard A. Grosskopf, $115,900.
• North Ave., Marsha Emmons; Diane Pokelwaldt to Stephanie A. Martin, $80,000.
• 48 Dale Drive, Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust; Nationstar Mortgage; US Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Danil Tsygyrlash, $79,275.
• Miller St., Dumas Roslyn Leah Neumann; Gregory John Neumann; Jeffrey Charles Neumann; Obrien Marion Ruth Neumann to Gregory J. Neumann, $45,000.
• Monroe St., Frank W. Marriott; Gail Marie Marriott to Shawn W. Woods, $40,000.
• 65 Allen St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John F. Obrien; Marlene J. Obrien, $30,000.
• 226 Schenck St., First Niagara Bank NA to William E. Gersitz, $26,500.
• Ward Rd & South Ave., Mcw Const; Michael Wachowicz to Mcw Const, $20,000.

• Creekview Drive, Denise H. Johnson; Denise H. Riggles to Daniel Worrell, $320,000.

• Balmer Road, Roman J. Posa; Rome Posa to John Wright; Natalie Wright, $179,900.
• L B Brookshire Rd & Carrollwood Drive, Steve Washuta to Mary Hazlett; Nicholas Hazlett, $85,000.
• 3566 Porter Center Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co -Tr/att; First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust /att; Select Portfolio Servicing to Ryan C. Bullis, $56,000.
• Ransomville Road, Barbara J. Bunce; Edward J. Labus; Jean M. Labus to Barbara J. Bunce; Theodore L. Bunce, $18,000.

• Akron Road, Danielle E. Campbell; Christopher J. Donnelly to Tracey P. Reuss, $210,000.
• Royalton Center Road, Beverly F. Rowley; David P. Rowley to Brian D. Shea; Robin M. Shea, $155,000.

• Main St., All Metal Works; Keybank National Assoc to All Metal Works, $25,000.

• Mourning Dove Lane, Vanderbilt Properties to Ramita Dhillon; Sukhjinder S. Gill, $461,000.
• Timberlink Road, Cheryl A. Kimble to Bruce C. Maddow; Kelley T. Maddow, $350,000.
• Stenzel Ave., Rosal Construction Company to Deborah A. Cappy; Mark A. Cappy, $260,000.
• 3778 Colin Court, Michael A. Griffin; William C. Lekki to Michael A. Griffin; Michelle Ann Nardell, $221,450.
• Dawn Drive, Arben Rexhepi; Susan E. Riggi-Ventresca to Arben Rexhepi; Stefanie A. Rexhepi, $213,000.
• Demler Ave., Bryan M. Graff; Audrey A. Wilczek to Bryan M. Graff, $170,000.
• 3745 Klemer Road, Brian A. Hash to Denise L. Morgante; James P. Morgante, $138,500.
• Inducon Corporate Drive, Greater Niagara Falls Church of God; Niagara County Industrial Devel Agency to Greater Niagara Falls Church of God, $17,745.

• Maple Road, David Mark Fortuna; Jody Johnson; Judith Johnson to David Mark Fortuna; Renee A. Fortuna, $255,000.
• Wilson Burt Road, Denise A. Gibson; Denise A. Kroetsch to Marilyn Gray; William A. Gray, $140,000.
• Youngstown-lockport Road, Kristin Brandel; Alfred Moskal Jr.; Kristin Moskal to Ralph Gutierrez; Theresa Gutierrez, $26,000.

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