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Readers share photos, stories of the November 2014 storms

Two years ago this week, parts of Western New York were buried with a life-threatening seven feet of snow, while other places got a few inches or none at all. The News asked readers on Facebook to share stories and photos of the November 2014 storms.

Conor Deubell of South Buffalo: The attached file is a picture of me, my aunt took, on top of a roof, when I was shoveling off my grandmother's (Monica Conrad) roof on Whitfield Avenue in South Buffalo, during that huge snowstorm a couple years back. The amount of snow on the roof was so heavy it started falling through into her living room and caused a gigantic crack/hole right in the middle of her ceiling in her living room. So I ran over and shoveled off her roof before any other damage was done. And as you can see from the photo, there was plenty of other damage done to the exterior of her house. Hopefully this won't happen again!

Karen Walkowiak sent these photos of her seven-year-old son enjoying a giant snow mountain and her husband shoveling out from the seven feet of snow at their Lancaster home.

Karen Walkowiak sent these photos of her seven-year-old son enjoying a giant snow mountain and her husband shoveling out from the seven feet of snow at their Lancaster home.

Karen Walkowiak of Lancaster: "Snowvember" will be a storm we will never forget. We live in Lancaster, which was one of the towns that received 7 feet of snow. My son, who was 7 at the time, was in his glory as you can see from the pictures. The piles of snow were almost as high as the houses! In one of the pictures, my husband is making a dent in shoveling the snow that has piled up in our driveway. Neighbors pitched in and helped each other out whether it was shoveling, snow blowing or running out to get milk or bread.

Here were comments shared on Facebook:

Dustin Tingue (South Buffalo-West Seneca area): Got home Monday afternoon and couldn't leave my house until the following Sunday. Completely buried in the South Buffalo/West Seneca area. Night after night we would hear the plows and trucks in the distance but nobody showed up until Sunday. They work from the outside in and we were pretty far in on a little street near Seneca & Indian Church. Luckily we had just grocery-shopped the day before so we were good on food and stuff. Basically just waited it out.

Nicole J Jimerson: I made 48 mini cupcakes for my son's kindergarten class for his birthday, then school got canceled.

Steven Banas: Walking down Abbott Rd there was a car stuck every 10 yards. 77" of snow in 3 days in OP

Cindy Paluch: Being stuck working on the ER for 6 days!

[From News photographers, 100 memorable images of the November storm]

Dawn Hewitt: Spent 4 days digging out then had a block party to celebrate. Made it off the street and drove to Tops to get the neighbors milk, toilet paper and chips.

Kathy Wilson (of Java in Wyoming County): I made it to work, Tim Hortons in Elma, but when the owner decided to close I couldn't make it home, I tried so I turned around and came back, didn't realize how bad it was. A lady from Moog came in, she was freezing, I gave her a hot drink, warmed her up and gave her my coat!! She was very close to needing a hospital , I told her I had another coat and to take it, I lied!! I didn't have another coat but did have a blanket in my car. I saw her once after that, she did return my coat. I did make it home to Java that.night but I worried about the people left behind in the cars in the parking lot on Jamison road

Anna Bretl (of Carefree Lane, Cheektowaga): So much snow, only the firemen with snowmobiles could get through. After, there was a group of Mennonites who cleared off our roofs, for nothing (thank you)..some evacuated...much damage

Joanne Rath Darbee: I will share a sad one. My mother's funeral was held during the second day of that storm. Those of us who had flown in from out of town and were in North Buffalo were able to attend the service. Two brothers in Orchard Park, and 5 grandchildren could not make it in due to that storm.

Jenn Kotowski (South Buffalo): Live in South Buffalo and was stuck in the house for a week...had to wait for the payloaders to scoop out our was nice spending family time together

Dawn Marie: Scariest thing I ever had to drive thru that first night. Had to literally use my GPS to tell where I was going. Was coming from school at ECC South. What normally took 6 minutes to get home took over an hour. I count my blessings every single day I made it home that night

Anne Kosiorek (West Seneca): That was my wedding weekend and we live in West Seneca, so we had to cancel it all.

Deborah Dinnocenzo (Lake View): Spent my 50th birthday on the 19th at home in Lake View with 7ft. of snow!

Lindsey Marie Miller (of Arcade): Where I live (Arcade) wasn't really affected by the storm but the delivery of my child's medication was. This is a life-threatening issue. It was sitting in the warehouse in Cheektowaga not being refrigerated (was told it was kept around 40 to 50 degrees in there) which would cause them to expire by the time the [driving] ban would possibly be lifted, plus she was almost completely out. Thanks to our amazing state police, her medication was brought straight to our door.

Jenn Taurus: Never want to see or experience ever again in my life!

(Outside the snowed-in area)

Elizabeth Hayden: Our son and family moved from North Tonawanda to Lancaster two days before the storm. Were stranded for a week. We had to buy them a snow blower in Lockport but couldn't get it to them for many days. Took pictures of it and sent it to them!! What a beginning!!

Dave Evans: I had only a couple of inches at my house on Harlem and Genesee but me and my little Jeep Wrangler with a plow on it helped a lot of people during that time

Charles Gallagher: Lived at Harlem and the 33 and just got a few inches of snow. Just missed me.

Russell Mielcarek: Spent the whole week in Colorado, wishing I was back home in Orchard Park enjoying the little storm!

Rob Zaharkin I live in NT... we had a couple inches of snow. I could only sit back and laugh.

Kristina Fourby: We lived in North Buffalo by Kenmore and we had nothing but a dusting. Our kids had no school and got to play outside where they could see green grass.



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