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Health voices: Research is key when it comes to microblading

Sherry Hale

By Sherry Hale

I keep getting asked by a large number of my clients about the new trend of microblading, so here are my thoughts.

Microblading is a tool that is being used to tattoo eyebrows. As a licensed professional and trainer, I believe the microblade creates additional trauma to the skin that can have adverse effects. I have seen numerous cases of scarring and work that I must correct. I have a client who is currently traveling four hours from Ohio for removal and correction of her tattooed eybrows. I prefer the digital technology, which I believe allows for precision, control and very little trauma, resulting in practically no down time.

Unfortunately, due to the lack in regulations, you must do your research. In Erie County, a person can pay $50 for a permit, answer 20 questions and start tattooing. This has resulted in more than 200 tattoo artists in the county. As the county does not require proof of training or insurance when issuing licenses, you as a consumer must do proper research. Additionally, the microblade costs around $10 to purchase, where a digital machine runs $4,000.

Sherry Hale, left, a state-certified and licensed dermal pigmentation and medical laser cosmetologist, tattooed new eyebrows on Carla Lynch, who lost them during chemotherapy for breast cancer. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

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It takes years of training to learn how to properly tattoo faces. A basic fundamental class should be a minimum of 100 hours (not two days from a traveling artist), and additional classes for advanced and master techniques should follow. In eight years, I have spent the same financial investment in classes and world travel as one would in a college education to learn to master the art of cosmetic tattooing. I continually attend yearly classes to advance my skills. Although I trained in microblading three years ago when it started to get popular, I do not favor the procedure.

As a certified licensed artist, business owner and trainer, I ask you to get educated and do your research. There are microblade professionals who are experts in what they are doing, but there are many who are not. Check your technician's pictures, references, license, education and insurance or you may end up very unhappy and paying more to remove their work.

The Society of Permanent Cosmetics has a listing of certified artists and trainers in the U.S. on its website, This is a great place to start if you are looking for an artist to provide you with cosmetic tatooing.

Sherry Hale is the owner of Custom Beaute in the Northwoods Medical Building in West Amherst

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