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Letter: America has a tradition of contradictory politics

America has a tradition of contradictory politics

England’s long, illustrious history and having been our faithful partner and ally for generations behooves us to examine the rationale of their current withdrawal from the European Union and their parliamentary investigation into their participation in the Iraq invasion. This seems to be a process in which their economic, governing and war policy is functionally being evaluated to determine what works and doesn’t, for their future viability.

Their perceptions seem to be more mature than ours. They recognize the shortcomings of a trade and economic system that depends on allowing unfair trade practices of “trade partners” to enhance domestic import profits while putting British citizens out of work. The subsequent chronic unsustainable national debt from depleted tax revenue is taken more seriously over there.

Is the nose-to-tail, 30-year plus consecutive administration preference given the Reagan/Kemp supply-side policy justified, based upon profits to the few and bolstered by the popular iconic status of the originators having made people feel wonderful, strictly on the basis of his media performance; without considering supply side’s chronic overall negative unsustainable results?

The Reagan/Kemp cooperative relationship began in Ronald Reagan’s California gubernatorial years and persisted throughout their political careers. Wasn’t Congressman Jack Kemp’s inundating the Niagara Frontier with Reagan’s trade and economic scheme, instead of representing his industrial district, a conflict of interest?

Whether or not we as a nation make a practical assessment of these issues will decide if this supply-side trade and economic policy conceived in avarice will be changed, or our government of, by and for the people will perish.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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