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Letter: Brunch Bill furthers obsession with alcohol

Brunch Bill furthers obsession with alcohol

I was disappointed, though not at all surprised, to learn that New York State has passed the so-called Brunch Bill allowing alcohol sales from 10 a.m. on Sundays. While I understand the motivation of restaurants in wanting to compete with retail outlets that already have this option, I see this as just another misstep in our culture’s growing obsession with alcohol consumption.

I’m well aware that football tailgaters have already been starting their partying even earlier than the new law allows, but I simply can’t understand why this alcohol consumption has become so embedded in our culture. To those who feel such a strong desire to begin drinking in early or mid-morning, I suggest that you honestly evaluate your own lifestyle for a pending addiction.

Obviously not everyone who drinks alcohol will overindulge, and I have no objection to occasional responsible drinking. But it’s baffling how we can continue to find new opportunities to drink (beer festivals, wine tours, brunches), and then lament the fact that we face DWI injuries or death. How sad that we’ve become so focused on potential new profits that we’re blinded to the potential consequences.

Melissa Cumming


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