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Letter: Arabs’ refusal to allow Israel to exist is root of the problem

Arabs’ refusal to allow Israel to exist is root of the problem

The letter in the Sept. 12 News from a writer relaying his observations on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ignores the source of that conflict and therefore reduces his narrative essentially to opinionated vitriol.

In 1948, in the aftermath of the Holocaust and a seemingly endless history of oppression, the Jewish people were granted their own homeland via a historic vote by the United Nations.

The land in question, under British mandate, was to be partitioned into two prospective states – one for the Arabs and one for the Jews.

While what has followed since has become increasingly complex, one thing has remained true both then and now: If the Arab people (albeit begrudgingly) had accepted the right of Israel to exist, there would be no refugee camps, no disputed territories, no “occupation,” no wars, no terror attacks and no reprisals. Palestinians would have their own state, living side by side with Israel.

The words in his letter serve no purpose other than to demonize Israel, deny its right to exist and ultimately advocate for its destruction. What is the result of this seemingly intransigent position? Certainly not peace – only more anti-Semitism, more Islamophobia and more hatred.

Marty Kerker


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