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Letter: Letter about police hiring reveals writer’s prejudice

Letter about police hiring reveals writer’s prejudice

I agree with a recent letter writer. Under no circumstances should Lackawanna lower the hiring criteria for police officers. But for someone to assume that lowering the standards was based on “skin color” and that none of these people have 60 credit hours or barely graduated from high school is biased, bigoted and prejudiced.

It is unfortunate and sad that people with skin color different than his have left Lackawanna to live successful lives as doctors, real estate agents, franchise owners, high-ranking military, music entrepreneurs, family practice counselors and hospital administrators (all in my family alone). Why? Look at the Police and Fire departments. Look at City Hall. Look at the school personnel. We simply do not see ourselves reflected at a ratio comparable to our population. Our best and brightest leave. But that’s not to say there are not some left who would certainly meet and/or exceed the present requirements for police officers.

I believe we have a deeper problem. It is the undertone of not so subtle racism that rings loud and clear when people judge others based on limited and often incorrect information.

Martha M. Connor


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