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Letter: TV news should drop distracting banners

TV news should drop distracting banners

I’m not too happy with the banners displayed at the bottom of the TV screen during the news. It really irks me to have them interpret everything that I am hearing in the stories they are telling, like I don’t understand what was just said. A lot of the time they aren’t getting it right anyway. They seem to want to put their own spin on what was just said. And they show the same headlines over and over again.

They also block things that we would want to see while they’re telling the story. There are times when they show an animal or a fashion and block one quarter of the screen with the banner.

I think they feel that there is so much more space available on today’s bigger screens that it gives them a chance so show you all kinds of distracting junk. Like flashing what is coming up next, or letting you know what channel you’re watching. I wouldn’t mind it in the beginning, but once you’re watching the program, I don’t think you have to constantly be reminded.

I bought a TV with a bigger screen to get a better view of the program that I’m watching, not to give them space to put extra distracting junk. So please stop showing the distracting banners on the bottom and give me enough credit for being able to understand what is being said in a story.

Daniel Caputa


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