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Letter: We should raise, not lower police hiring requirements

We should raise, not lower police hiring requirements

In the private sector, an esteemed company hires based on a candidate’s professional credentials, experience, educational background, personal goals and overall attributes that contribute to the company hiring in a positive manner.

It appears that the City of Lackawanna is considering hiring police candidates based on skin color by lowering minimum education requirements to receiving a high school diploma. The current hiring requirement is 60 hours of college credits. The rationale for this proposed change is “to increase diversity and help the force be more in line with our ethnic makeup.”

At a time when police officers of all races are under extremely high levels of scrutiny on their job performance by the general public and media, it would seem more sensible to raise hiring requirements for such a position, not lower them.

It appears that political correctness and “mandated diversification” are more important than striving to hire the best-qualified candidates for a job (and associated retirement plan) that is funded by taxpayers.

Why not put this proposal to a public vote? Do the taxpayers not deserve an opportunity to evaluate and vote on the precise criteria to be used for weighing any other degreed applicant’s résumé against one who may have barely graduated high school but fits these diversity goals? If this proposal is passed, it will illustrate that city lawmakers have already made their hiring decision without the input of the constituents they represent.

Joseph M. Dommer


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