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Letter: Turner wrong to criticize Green Party’s Israel policy

Turner wrong to criticize Green Party’s Israel policy

Douglas Turner’s Aug. 22 column condemning the Green Party’s stance on Israel/Gaza/West Bank was disastrously uninformed. His claim that the policy is “repugnant” is absurd. Humanitarian boycotts and disinvestment are vicious? Wow. While murdering hundreds of Gazans in random revenge is civilized?

I have paid close attention to Israel since 1968, when I nearly joined a Kibbutz at 16. Having Jewish history does not make me automatically and blindly support Israel. Even its own Shin Bet security chiefs are disgusted with the haphazard and destructive history. They brought this all upon themselves – see the documentary film, “The Gatekeepers.” Are they “anti-Semitic Jews,” too?

Turner needs to realize that some of our $30 billion annual support and subsidies to Israel are spent on a propaganda campaign that keeps us misinformed. But the Palestinians’ publicity budget is zero, so you don’t get to hear their plight. They are imprisoned on a piece of land smaller than Niagara and Erie counties, with three times the population. They cannot leave. They never know silence – their skies are constantly buzzing with drones and jets. Periodically they are subject to the invasions and war crimes of Israel, always with innocent deaths. This is completely cruel and inhumane.

I have spoken with three firsthand witnesses to the horrors of the long Israeli occupation. If you have not heard any of this before, perhaps it is because the victors write the history books? Or because your foreign aid dollars are coming back to lie to you?

Robert C. Nesbitt


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