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Letters (Sept. 11): Our Readers Speak Out

Let’s make it a ‘New Era’ for stadium music as well

After the two Bills home preseason games, I wondered why the stadium has the same old stale music. We have new owners and a new name and yet we keep playing White Stripes bass riffs over and over and over for the third straight year. Really? This should not sound like a junior varsity basketball game for the kids.

Let’s get some up-tempo tunes and rock New Era Field. White Stripes is what everybody else plays. Jock jams would be an improvement for sure, mixed with some new and old hits. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Glenn Gaviller


For this lifelong fan, Bills really do run deep

In 1964, I was 11 years old. Back then, it was just me, my mother and my older sister. Starting in September, every Sunday, two things were required: Sunday Mass & the Buffalo Bills.

If there was a home game, my mother would take me and my sister on an NFT bus to War Memorial Stadium, where we watched Kemp and Lamonica, Cookie and Dubenion, Sestak, Stratton and Tracey.

It was a time when you could bring a whole keg of beer into the stadium with no objection from security, sit in the end zone on a wooden folding chair for the price of $2 and scream your lungs out with 45,000 otherwise normal people. Those were championship years. It was great and I was hooked.

Since then, that feeling has never changed. Like everyone else in our hometown, I’ve suffered though miserable seasons and been thrilled with nearly perfect ones. For every Joe Dufek and J.P. Losman we’ve endured, we’ve also been blessed with a Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith.

My kids – all girls – have been trained: We are Bills fans. No other team may be spoken of favorably. Boyfriends and husbands must pledge their loyalty.

It’s September again. My mother and sister are gone. But I still remember. And I still feel like I did that first September in 1964.

Go Bills.

Carl Morgan


It’s time to say it again: why can’t this be the year?

Optimism is described by Webster’s as “a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future; a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen.”

At no other time is this simple word more relevant that right here, right now for us Bills fans as the season kicks off with much fanfare.

Tyrod, Sammy, Shady and even Baby Gronk, along with others among the 53 that are lucky enough to represent the latest edition of our team, should be ready to get the season underway after the torture of training camp and all it doesn’t have to offer.

Let’s hope and be optimistic that this is the year where a Sunday in January offers more than a reason to shovel snow, more than a holiday hangover and more than the prospect of watching other teams in the playoff race.

Let it be us this year. Let it finally be the year, after the long, mind-numbing 16-year wait, that we can indeed be rewarded for our endless support of this team.

I can’t wait! Let’s Go Buffalo!

Dale Slisz


Injuries, schedule could keep Bills out of postseason

I’m conflicted as to how I feel the Bills will do this season.

While the rushing attack is scary good, the linebacking situation is just plain scary. The players will be more comfortable in their second year of Roman’s offense and Ryan’s defense. But this year’s schedule is harder as they play Arizona, Seattle, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. They also have to make three cross-country road trips.

The Bills motto this year is “All In.” However, with long term injuries to key personnel, this could be a 17th consecutive playoff season where they are “Al’ Out.”

Dennis Weber


Bills have had history of poor personnel decisions

Football fans can appreciate that already this year Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey is off to a tremendous start. A recent feature in Sports Illustrated highlighted his confident yet still humble attitude and great work ethic.

But our Bills had their own Christian McCaffrey 25 years ago. His name was Steve Tasker. From 1986 thru 1996 this fast, tough, hardworking player could catch passes and run with great balance carrying the ball. But the Bills’ brain trust, once again the forever overrated Marv Levy, kept Tasker strictly for special teams, where of course he became a legend.

Only at the very end of his career did the Bills’ finally recognize Tasker’s full talents and begin to put the ball in his hands. When he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1995 he was carrying the ball.

That was the same coaching staff which, after Fred Smerlas left the team, kept an undersized Jeff Wright at nose guard, thus enabling offenses to double-team Bruce Smith. It helped the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys run up the gut in four Super Bowls. Now our current generation of coaching genius could find no room on the roster for receiver Chris Hogan. How do you think Bill Belichick will utilize Hogan?

David Casassa


Cutting ‘traditional’ tickets a bad call by Sabres

As a lifelong Sabres fan and 20-year season ticket holder, I am asking owner Terry Pegula to not follow through on cutting out of real tickets for season ticket holders.

I’m among many fans who look forward to receiving, sorting and handing out tickets. I understand the new technology and related expenses. Is it worth taking away that little pleasure of real tickets in hand? My son has two shoeboxes full of ticket stubs. We sometimes look them over and re-live our memories. We even have stubs from season tickets from other cities.

I feel many fans feel this way. Don’t take away what a young fan feels like when he or she enters the arena with a real ticket and looks at it years from now.

Something else that was taken away was that nice booklet program that could also be a keepsake. Just checkout the great booklet you receive in Detroit. Sure there is advertising but just think of the memories you could have with a real ticket to boot.

Am I asking too much? Terry, you make the call.

John Nawojski


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