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Vic Carucci’s season-opening NFL power rankings

1. Pittsburgh. All of that offense should carry them a long way.

2. Arizona. A whole lot to handle on both sides of the ball.

3. Seattle. Russell Wilson and that defense are imposing.

4. New England. No Tom, but no trouble doing what the Pats do.

5. Kansas City. Looking like the class of the AFC West.

6. Green Bay. Jordy Nelson’s return makes this a different team.

7. Denver. Trevor Siemian isn’t Trevor Who anymore.

8. Oakland. Raiders have enough pieces to be a contender.

9. Carolina. The look on Cam Newton’s face didn’t change much from the Super Bowl.

10. Washington. They’ll end up paying Kirk Cousins for the long haul.

11. Jacksonville. Watch out for these guys!

12. Buffalo. Plenty of doubts to overcome, but not at quarterback.

13. Atlanta. We’ll find out, once and for all, if Matt Ryan has it.

14. Cincinnati. Did they learn from that fateful playoff finish?

15. N.Y. Giants. Lots of money was spent, but will it pay off?

16. Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston is a new man.

17. New Orleans. Drew Brees has a new deal, but are they better?

18. Indianapolis. After three 11-win seasons, overconfidence sets in.

19. Minnesota. Adrian Peterson can pick up that Teddy slack.

20. Detroit. Let’s see what Matthew Stafford does without Megatron.

21. N.Y. Jets. Good defense, but how far can Fitz take them?

22. Houston. Brock Osweiler got paid. Now, he needs to deliver.

23. Los Angeles. Case Keenum plays while Jared Goff watches.

24. Dallas. Ezekiel Elliott can help, but not enough.

25. Miami. Adam Gase is good, but he’s not a magician.

26. Baltimore. They’ll be better later.

27. Chicago. Hard to see these guys doing a whole lot.

28. San Francisco. Chip Kelly’s system has a new home, but …

29. Philadelphia. This season is all about the future.

30. San Diego. Charged-up to help bring up the rear.

31. Cleveland. (Another) new approach. Same result.

32. Tennessee. Still stuck at the bottom.

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