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Letter: Life is short, but can be lived healthfully by being wise

Life is short, but can be lived healthfully by being wise

I smiled when I read the Sept. 1 letter, “When your time is up nothing will save you.” I, too, take very few medications, and when possible I alter my lifestyle to avoid relying on drugs. I avoid being a “frequent flier” to doctors’ offices and emergency departments.

However, I think “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” applies here.

There are no guarantees in life, but use of simple probabilities tells us that wise lifestyle choices (e.g. exercise, avoiding smoking, reasonable use of our medical system) are likely to lead to better health outcomes than will poor choices.

Modern medicine has undoubtedly increased people’s quality of life, and in many cases prolonged life. We have medical professionals who are happy to use what they have spent years learning to help us. For example, my father lived to age 83 in large part because of his doctor’s wisdom in catching his prostate cancer and nonfunctioning kidney early enough for successful surgeries.

As the writer said regarding health decisions, “Use common sense.”

Coleen A. Hanna


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