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Letter: Build a new stadium in place, not in downtown Buffalo

Build a new stadium in place, not in downtown Buffalo

Last weekend’s traffic jams apparently happened because of several events, including a concert, a large rubber duck and a Bisons baseball game. Officials estimate that these events brought in nearly 100,000 people, quite an unusual occurrence.

Now let us revisit the downtown stadium issue that was so highly touted last year. Imagine a 75,000- or 80,000-seat stadium with a sold-out game, coupled with a Sabres game with another 20,000 or more and it would be a virtual nightmare trying to enter or leave the city. I will leave out a Bisons game and another visit from the big duck. I am all for the revitalization of the city but it is quite obvious that the infrastructure would have to be massively changed at probably great cost to handle these events.

The county already owns plenty of land around the existing stadium. It would be most practical if a new stadium is going to be built to build it on the adjacent parking lots of the existing stadium and when it’s completed to raze the old stadium and make that the new parking lot. The Erie Community College campus lot could be used for the parking lost while the stadium is being built.

Why reinvent the wheel? Everything we need is already at the Orchard Park stadium. Let’s think about it before we make a very costly mistake.

Paul Kwiatkowski

Orchard Park

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