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Letter: Higgins deserves to lose in the November election

Higgins deserves to lose in the November election

A recent letter in The Buffalo News urges that Brian Higgins be honored by having a walkway or street named in his honor. I agree.

A walkway to an unemployment office honoring Congressman Brian Higgins would work nicely. A strong supporter of abortion rights, Higgins must be delighted with the 72,814 abortions in Erie County from the years 1997 to 2013 inclusive. This total includes the 2,880 abortions in Erie County during 2013.

Unhappily, this destruction of innocent human life by abortion has its consequences. Young people unable to find jobs as teachers or child care workers in Erie County can thank Higgins as they take the walkway to the unemployment office bearing his name.

I urge voters to support the Republican candidate for Congress, Shelly Schratz, who is strongly pro-life. Let’s take a small step to support human decency by defeating Higgins in this November’s election.

Richard H. Escobales Jr.


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