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Letter: Voters selected Trump so party should back him

Voters selected Trump so party should back him

Everyone, especially the members of the Republican Party, should be irate over the treatment by the party and its leaders of Donald Trump. Whether they support him or not, millions of voters selected him as their nominee for the presidency. It is the duty of the party to actively support the voters’ choice.

The party has decided the people’s vote does not matter and apparently has decided to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton and concentrate on the congressional elections. According to party leaders, the voters – because they are all dumb – made the wrong decision and they are making a correction.

If the Republicans get away with this, do you not think the Democrats will soon do the same? If they get away with it in the primaries, then why not the general election? Let’s make all elections simpler and let the parties appoint every leader at every level. Where is the outrage? Where is the media coverage? I have left the party to become an independent voter. Laugh and/or disregard this situation and you will find out how fast your vote and other freedoms are taken away from you.

Lastly, keeping in mind the Truman/Dewey election, our media should not be so hasty in writing the headline, “Dewey Wins!”

John-Paul Stiglmeier


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