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Letter: Clinton’s carelessness should disqualify her

Clinton’s carelessness should disqualify her

An incident occurred during World War II that is a demonstration of the often-heard saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A congressman named Andrew May, after a visit to Pearl Harbor, boasted to the press the fact that the Japanese Empire could not sink our submarines because our subs could dive too deeply to be affected by their depth charges, which were set to detonate at 150 feet.

Of course, upon hearing this, the Japanese navy retooled its destroyers to deploy any further depth charges at 300 feet. They subsequently sank 10 of our subs in short order, killing hundreds of U.S. Navy sailors. I don’t know if that is the origin of the saying “loose lips sink ships” but it certainly is applicable.

I think this outlines clearly the sacred responsibility of elected officials to guard our information with the utmost respect and awe for those who willfully put themselves in harm’s way. I am outraged at the way Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, conducted herself in regard to very sensitive information. She looks at the news cameras with that sanctimonious smile driven by an attitude that she is above the law.

We probably will never really know to full measure what real damage she has done with the tons of missing emails, but I don’t think it would at all be a stretch to say she has blood on her hands. I cannot comprehend in any way how people think she is fit for the highest office in our land.

Michael P. Connelly Jr.

West Seneca

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