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Letter: Wind farm will devastate region’s eagle population

Wind farm will devastate region’s eagle population

The Aug. 13 News featured a huge photo of a bald eagle in critical condition being rehabilitated by Erie County SPCA veterinarians, as they rehydrated it and fed it through a tube. Our hearts certainly go out to this beautiful bird.

How many readers might be shocked, then, to learn that our federal government has just approved a plan that will allow American wind companies to kill up to 4,200 eagles a year without penalty for a $36,000 fee for a long-term (30-year) permit? These wind companies will also be trusted to self-report eagle injuries and fatalities to the federal government.

Again, how do people see industrial wind turbines – now planned for an eagle migratory flyway along the south shore of Lake Ontario – as “clean and green” or environmentally “friendly”? Who will be checking the bases of 650-foot turbines in Niagara County for the bald eagles that will be critically injured by 195 mph rotor blades when this project is built?

If one eagle has this much impact on readers, where is the outrage when it comes to federal policy regarding the killing/wounding of thousands of these birds per year for the next 30 years?

Christine Bronson


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