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Letter: Pig farrowing crates ought to be outlawed

Pig farrowing crates ought to be outlawed

Cruelty toward animals comes in many forms and venues. In order to become a more humane nation, we must first recognize abuse when we see it, then take steps to end it. That’s what makes us a civilized people.

Pigs are highly intelligent creatures. Mother pigs will sing to their piglets to put them to sleep, yet pigs are made to live 80 percent of their lives in crates. Pig producers use them to cut cost and increase profits.

When we witness a pig farrowing crate, perhaps we should question if what we are seeing is ethical practice. Since many of us bring children to events that display this confinement, are we unintentionally desensitizing our children to thinking that this form of treatment to animals is OK?

As Americans learn what farrowing and gestation crates are, they have stood against them. The American Farm Bureau, animal welfare scientists and most Americans consider gestation crates inhumane, and 69 percent of respondents in every state wanted them banned. These horror chambers have been banned in nine states, Canada and Europe.

We could do something constructive in Buffalo like aiding legislation that’s already in effect in New York to ban the use of these crates. Our fair could pave the way by being the first fair that serves this purpose. The exhibit could showcase an empty crate with a petition for people to sign. People can take with them the feeling of accomplishment by doing something for the greater good.

Jacki Flanigan


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