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Letter: Move UB Law School into One Seneca Tower

Move UB Law School into One Seneca Tower

How about placing the University at Buffalo Law School in One Seneca Tower? It would give the university a chance to expand the program, and put students near the courts and large law firms. The size of the building would allow for classrooms, courts and housing (dorms and apartments.) The location is perfect for transit system connection to the Main Street campus. Parking is no problem.

This would put more people downtown, and visitors would use all the new hotels being created. Students would have access to a large library. Having the UB Law School downtown would provide a big boost for the entire city and make use of existing space.

Perhaps we could add a restaurant with a culinary school (like the one NCCC has in Niagara Falls) on the top floors. This way students and professors who may live in the building can enjoy a meal. The restaurant should also be open to the public.

The cost of remodeling should be well offset by the dollars this would bring into the city. This plan also opens up expansion on existing campuses for UB.

Pete Maertin


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