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Niagara County real estate transactions


• 3178 Upper Mountain Road, Philip Seymour; Philip C. Seymour to Kenneth J. Kozacki; Paul E. Otto, $175,000.

• Lower Mountain Road, Cornell Cooperative Extension Niagara County to Duncan J. Ross; Robin M. Ross, $80,780.

• Meahl Road, Cassie Grabowski; Stanley Partyka; Stephen Partyka to Alfred E. Allinson, $72,000.

CITY OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $115,100 Average price: $68,325 Median price: $75,000 Number of Sales: 8

• Lincoln Avenue, Frances Marie Bedford to David J. Glor; Kelly A. Heim, $115,100.

• 91 Church St., Nicole L. Proefrock to Sara J. Schramm, $81,000.

• Millar Place, Brittany N. Cocca; Brittany N. Heftka to Gregory Bream; Melanie Bream, $80,000.

• Bridlewood Drive, Mary L. Meyer Living Trust; Jeffrey H. Katz to Demetrius J. Grant, $75,000.

• Transit Street, John M. Staley; Sharon A. Staley to Jennifer Coles, $62,500.

• 149 Park Ave., Carl Vinson to Donald Sterzinger, $58,500.

• Massachusetts Avenue, Citimortgage Inc. to David Allen Kibler; Zachary Allen Kibler, $42,500.

• 1 Willow St., Unit 7, Caliber Real Estate Services; LSF9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA to Elena Golyadkina, $32,000.


• Bishop Road, Kenneth S. Craine; Mildred E. Craine to Dean S. Voelker, $110,000.

• County Line Road, Panek Family LLC to Kristine Marie Miller; Marcus J. Miller, $17,000.


• Mountain View Drive, Concetta M. Silver; Connie M. Silver; Frederick Silver; John Frederick Silver to James A. Morrone; Florence J. Skinner-Morrone, $315,000.

• Riverview Avenue and Hyde Park Blvd., Robert P. Merino; John J. Scalfani to David H. Patterson; Lisa M. Patterson, $143,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $180,000 Average price: $109,425 Median price: $132,500 Number of Sales: 8

• Harvest Ridge Way, Lawrence J. Scanio to James A. Miller; Susan M. Miller, $180,000.

• Sunset Drive, Linda R. Betts; Victor A. Betts Jr.; Linda R. Lilley to Kevin Norek; Kimberly V. Norek, $160,900.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Pamela H. Lafler; Kurt E. Oldenburg; Pamela H. Oldenburg to Alisha Bartoszek Cedrone; Eric Cedrone, $139,000.

• 6395 Green Valley Lane, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to WNY Property ER LLC, $132,500.

• Academy Lane, Wayne T. Tucker to Tylor M. Hungerford, $125,000.

• Parkwood Drive and Cameron Drive, James Witnauer; Lynne Witnauer to Scott R. Skompinski, $110,000.

• Purdy Road, Kyle R. Andrews; Albert Warreck to Edwin R. Kiesinger Jr., $18,000.

• Keck Road, Stefan Ber to Lucia C. Wronski; Thomas S. Wronski, $10,000.


• Ridge Road, Kathleen M. Knight; Horace I. Wolcott; Ruth H. Wolcott; Timothy R. Wolcott to Scott M. Weber, $130,000.

• 6132 Ketchum Ave., Stone Creek Ridge Properties to James W. Halliday; Marilyn K. Halliday, $115,000.

• 1818 Lockport Olcott Road, Deborah A. Harkins to Nancy Wasiewicz, $80,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $160,000 Average price: $54,061 Median price: $46,500 Number of Sales: 17

• Pine Avenue, Sado Gas Sales Inc. to Michael Ventry Sr., $160,000.

• 99th Street, Joseph F. Outland to Amanda J. Comas-Baez, $101,000.

• Ralph Court, Henrietta M. Hilts; Henrietta M. Smith; Kenneth C. Smith to Joseph G. Lucas; Jenny T. Phan, $97,000.

• 1007 87th St., MTM Homes to Lisa R. Corbett, $90,000.

• 217 Beckwith Ave., Vincent B. Depadre to Wells Fargo Bank, $85,342.

• 39 Norwood Ave., Laura M. Jowly to John G. Nichols Jr., $75,000.

• 2201 South Ave., Robert W. Wasson to John Paul Best, $57,750.

• 417 72nd St., Jacqueline Alex to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $57,369.

• Delancey Road, Bank of America/Carrington Mortgage Services to Sicily Inc., $46,500.

• Willow Avenue, Teresa D. Patterson to Bonnie L. Gale, $42,500.

• 1659 Ontario Ave., Danielle Canazzi; Equity Trust Co. to David Efrat, $28,550.

• 249 77th St., Keybank National Associates to Michael Stallard; Phyllis Stallard, $19,000.

• 408 38th St., Kyle R. Andrews; Fannie Hadsell; Fannie D. Hadsell to Midfirst Bank, $17,926.

• 8 D St., HUD to James H. Barmann, $16,200.

• 32 Bsouth Ave., Fannie Mae to Mary Craft, $9,900.

• Packard Road and Haseley Drive, Donald H. Smith; Gordon F. Smith to Charles E. Haseley, $8,500.

• 343 9th St., Kevin M. Cummings to Eleventh Street Properties, $6,500.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $312,519 Average price: $135,506 Median price: $127,500 Number of Sales: 13

• Erie Avenue, Claudia M. Torres; Richard L. Torres to FV-I Inc.; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings, $312,519.

• 35 Forbes Court, Karen M. Mcquade; Timothy J. Mcquade to Marissa Carr; Shannon Carr, $175,000.

• Fairfax Avenue, Kathryn M. Kopf; Kathryn M. Richmond to Brittany M. Jones, $164,000.

• Stenzil Street, Gary S. Aderman to Robert L. Osika, $138,000.

• Eddy Drive, Keegan W. Roberts to Amber Soldwisch, $135,000.

• 65 Allen St., Deborah A. Fose; Michael J. Fose to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $131,572.

• Master Street, Christine A. Pilozzi; Todd W. Pilozzi; Christine A. Russell to Rachel M. Krebs; Joseph R. Larson, $127,500.

• 62 Chipman Place, Jerry Stoculak to Jennifer L. Smith; William C. Smith, $120,000.

• 151 Jackson Ave., Elaine V. Kalpin; Karen Vollmer to Patrick Oakes, $112,000.

• 215 Rumbold Ave., Christopher Bohlman; Jessica M. Bohlman to Daniel W. Beattie, $110,000.

• 343 Bryant St., Diane M. Mclear to Midfirst Bank, $90,982.

• 672 Niagara Falls Blvd., Heather Kalisiak to Ava Roofing, $80,000.

• Falconer Street, Donald F. Benedyczak; Paula J. Benedyczak to Christopher J. Ryan, $65,000.


• Devonshire Lane, Nvr Inc.; Ryan Homes of New York to Marissa Jacobson; Erik Wroblewski, $331,950.


• Woodcliffe Drive, Gillian R. Young; Peter C. Young to Eric A. Bloom; Tracy L. Bloom, $115,000.

• 501 2nd St., Christopher Tato to Summit Assets, $75,100.

• Youngstown Wilson Road, Thomas Tower to Rochelle Lockhart; Timothy Lockhart, $25,000.


• Rochester Road, Jennifer R. Furminger; Roger Pearson; Roger L. Pearson to Brian S. Smith, $69,900.


• 2516 Ferchen St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Wesley W. Minteer, $216,197.

• Lake Geneva Court, Joseph E. Elder; Michelle L. Elder to Joseph F. Outland; Shannon M. Outland, $201,500.

• 7289 Schultz Road, Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Angela C. Castle; Robert G. Castle, $104,000.


• Lake Road, Audrey R. Rosenthal to John W. Zuchlewski; Lisa Zuchlewski, $215,000.

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