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Letter: Kaine’s message was lost to all who speak English

Kaine’s message was lost to all who speak English

On July 22, Hillary Clinton introduced her choice for vice president of the United States. I had watched as much of the Republican National Convention as I could, and my plan was to watch as much of the Democratic Convention as possible. What a disappointment.

Little did I realize that it was going to be necessary for me to go back to school to learn how to speak and understand Spanish. I didn’t even know what Sen. Tim Kaine was saying. I thought it was settled that we were not going to be a two-language country. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no disagreement with people speaking a different language and I am certainly not bigoted or racist. But the question becomes: Why should I want to listen to someone presumably speaking to me in a language I don’t know or understand? Perhaps Kaine was just showing off his prowess in another language.

I also feel sorry for all those Americans who chose to learn a different language (other than Spanish) when they were getting their education. They would not be able to understand what he was saying, either. I wonder if Clinton understood what he was saying? I guarantee that I will no longer listen to the senator when I find it impossible to understand what message he is trying to convey.

Is this only an attempt to get or grow the Spanish vote for the Democratic Party? Well, I hope that the rest of us get the message somehow. Thanks to Clinton for again throwing confusion and ambiguity into the mix.

James Patterson


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