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City Hallways (Aug. 1) A poll: What to do with Main Street medians

City Hallways poll: The Main Street medians

There's an ongoing discussion over the Main Street medians.

Should they stay or should they go?

Main Street median near Hertel.

Main Street median near Hertel.

During a recent meeting, some residents argued the medians are a hazard and eyesore. Cars run into them, and trucks run over them.  It's hard to keep plants in them healthy because there's no irrigation in the medians.

Others argue the opposite: These medians are safety tools. Better to hit the medians than pedestrians. And the medians add to the overall aesthetic appeal of Main Street, their supporters argue.

University District Councilman Rasheed Wyatt is putting together a committee to look into the topic.

Meanwhile, this week's poll question is:

[poll id="42"]

And if you have any comments on the issue, just send me an  email or message me on Faceboook or Twitter.

As always, poll will be up all week and results posted next Monday.

And only one vote per person.

City Hall summer
August is what's known as recess time in City Hall. The Council takes a month-long break; so do the regulatory agencies (Planning Board, Zoning Board and Preservation Board).

But it's worth noting that last year, Council held a special meeting in August to deal with some time-sensitive issues. I haven't heard anything yet about that happening this year. Also, even with the break, I still see Council members in City Hall doing constituent work and other things.

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