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What to look for at the Republican convention today

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. At 10 p.m. or thereabouts, a great mystery will be resolved. Who will show up -- the rambling, free-associating, hand-waving, ranting and raving Donald Trump who won the Republican nomination, or the disciplined, strictly-by-the-teleprompter, point-by-point traditional politician that some GOP political pros hope to see? Who knows? Maybe not even Donald Trump. But all America will be watching to find out.

A special breakfast guest? Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is scheduled to speak at the New York delegation’s morning breakfast, and may very well reprise his Monday night stemwinder on national security, widely considered one of the best speeches of the convention. He will be joined by Rep. Peter King of Long Island, an influential congressional voice for homeland security issues. And if any delegation deserves a visit from a very special guest – the Republican nominee himself – it’s his home state delegation.

Ivanka Trump. Trump’s other children have set a high standard at the podium this week, humanizing a larger-than-life but one-dimensional figure. Now comes his eldest daughter’s turn at the podium. Ivanka Trump helps run his businesses, and anyone who has ever seen them together knows they are exceptionally close. So expect another passionate testimony that only a close loved one can give.

A moment for the evangelicals. Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, will speak Thursday, and that might seem routine but for one fact. Many evangelicals have flocked to the thrice-married, slap-the-other-cheek Republican nominee – but some have not. In an election that may be close enough for every vote to count, Falwell has an important job Thursday night: bringing the evangelical vote home to the GOP.

The final gavel. Save for Monday's floor fight and the Cruz missile that landed in the convention hall Wednesday night, the Trump convention has been the most boring in memory: a nonstop series of terrible amateur speakers and C-list celebrities and politicians soaring only occasionally to rhetorical heights. That being the case, in this deeply divided country, can’t we all agree on one thing: that as this comatose convention ends, that each and every one of us will be glad?

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