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Power Take: The Bills’ Marcell Dareus is right – bring on Tom Brady

Marcell Dareus had it right Wednesday while speaking to NFL Network about Tom Brady’s suspension amid the tiresome Deflategate saga. The Bills defensive tackle would rather Brady played and beat him than pick up a victory over the Patriots without the superstar quarterback.

“I mean, we win, all right, we win,” Dareus said. “But I don’t feel like I really won until we beat the guy. I love playing against Brady. I get up for him. I’ve been playing against him every year. He knows I’m coming.”

Many fans in Buffalo would take a win over New England any way they can get one, a concept that never made sense to me. True competitors in sports want to play teams at their best and prove they can beat the best. A victory over the Patriots without Brady would come with an asterisk.

That’s assuming the Bills beat the Pats without Brady in the first place. Buffalo’s chances figure to increase dramatically against backup Jimmy Garoppolo, but nothing is guaranteed against Bill Belichick. He was the same coach who groomed Brady into an unlikely star and made Drew Bledsoe expendable.

Plus, what would it say if Buffalo lost to Garoppolo?