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Letter: Paladino’s troubled past haunts area in recent tweet

Paladino’s troubled past haunts area in recent tweet

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when Carl Paladino makes yet another racist statement. His recent tweet seems to imply that we should lynch African-American Attorney Loretta Lynch. The defense this time is that it was an error made by a staffer. That might be believable were it not for Paladino’s history of racist remarks.

Remember, this is the man who on a national radio broadcast suggested that our president is a raccoon who should be dealt with by an exterminator. This is the man who has a long and well-documented record of making racially charged and inappropriate remarks towards his African-American cohorts on the Buffalo Board of Education, and against black leaders on the Common Council. And lest we forget, his numerous racist emails.

Carl Paladino’s racist language and rhetoric is unacceptable. This is not about being “politically correct,” this is about being a decent human being. Paladino’s language is purposely inflammatory and divisive. What message do his comments send to the students, parents and teachers of Buffalo Public Schools for whom he is supposedly working? What message does this send to the rest of the country about attitudes toward race in Western New York?

I am embarrassed that his comments have been picked up on by the media, and now represent Buffalo and Western New York. This language is not reflective of the community I know, nor is it the image I would choose to represent us in the national media.

Lara Sweeney