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Letter: Loud music is annoying, and Ali was a self-promoter

Loud music is annoying, and Ali was a self-promoter

I agree with the letter writer regarding his dislike of loud music in restaurants; music in supermarkets and hardware stores is equally distracting. At sports venues during a lull in the action, music is played so loudly that it is difficult to carry on a conversation with the person in the next seat. We had lunch at a marina restaurant, possibly the same one as the writer, and the noise level was so bad we would definitely not return or recommend the place. Most intelligence agencies use loud music as a form of torture.

Regarding the “Ali was not a hero” letter, he was not one of the more important or consequential people of the century when you consider people in fields such as medicine, engineering, philanthropy, sports and entertainment whose contributions have been worldwide. Ali was not the greatest athlete and probably not the best boxer. He had the advantage of being popular when new technology was expanding the reach of the news media. He was interesting, quotable, a pretty good fighter and had a great promoter.

The media covered his every move and was instrumental in creating the great persona, similar to the current creation of the Trump phenomenon.

Jack Wood

North Tonawanda