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Power Take: Loyalties can be blind when it comes to pro athletes

I’ve learned from watching readers react to Jerry Sullivan’s and Bucky Gleason’s columns over the years.

Many fans simply don’t care whether some sports hero is a jerk as long as he wears their favorite team’s uniform and plays well and fits into the organization’s long-term plans.

Sully and Bucky at various times have declared it’s time to dump Mario Williams, Marcell Dareus, LeSean McCoy and others I’m forgetting. And the general reaction: Sully and Bucky can cram it, innocent ’til proven guilty and all sorts of other rationalizing chestnuts.

Now we have Evander Kane tainting the Buffalo Sabres with – at best – incredibly poor judgment for the eleventy-third time in his young career.

And, while I’m here, let me point out GM Tim Murray was incorrect to state two weeks ago Kane’s sexual-assault suspicions last year were “false.” The woman couldn’t press charges because she didn’t remember what happened. That does not equal “false.”

Anyway, I’m not going make any proclamations about what the Sabres must do with Kane.

He’s not my hero. You regard him however you want.