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Letter: ‘Celebrate Buffalo’ was an unwelcome disruption

‘Celebrate Buffalo’ was an unwelcome disruption

We didn’t know that the weeklong tent revival at the end of our block was called “Celebrate Buffalo,” that it featured a faith healer or that it drew folks in with the prospect of winning Xboxes, flat-screen TVs or iPads. We didn’t know we were hosting this thing, like it or not, for an entire week, until we found a flier tossed onto the sidewalk in front of our house.

We certainly know now, as we’ve been listening to the same Christian soft rock and the amplified howls, shouts and hallelujahs of evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth through a PA every night of the week until 10 p.m. – sometimes later – only a few hundred feet from our son’s and our daughter’s bedroom windows.

While my wife juggles newborn feedings and recovers from a C-section, we’ve had plenty to celebrate, but that certainly doesn’t include the loud, disruptive tent full of strangers dropped into our neighborhood without consulting the families who call this block home.

Unless blasting homes with noise during the night is now tradition, Celebrate Buffalo does little – if anything – to honor the city, history or cultures of Buffalo.

As a new parent, few things are as sacred as sleep – and few profanities uglier than a sleepless 3-year-old.

So I ask, with humility, that when Shuttlesworth, Buffalo Dream Center and others plan these kinds of events, they respect the sanctity of our homes – the places where we live, love and lay our heads to sleep. Or try to, anyway.

Joshua Gordon