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Letter: Airlines should add more security lines

Airlines should add more security lines

In addition to the “Eight ways to cut the TSA line at the airport” mentioned in a recent article published in The News, I would like to propose one more.

Each airline at an airport would have its own security line, so that once travelers have checked in at the airline’s counter, they would proceed to that airline’s security area.

The various airline security areas would be equipped with similar equipment as used by the TSA today, and operated by the TSA. Since the airlines will be flying to various destinations, the lines will be shorter for some and longer for others, but no line will be anywhere near as long as the lines waiting to go through security that we have witnessed on television recently.

Thus people will arrive at their destinations on time, with their luggage, and will not have to say “good night” as they try to sleep on the airport floor. This will only be necessary at the major hubs and in high population areas, where the problems exist.

Paul M. Kingston