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Letter: Address senior link in the opioid crisis

Address senior link in the opioid crisis

2015 was a year that I would like to forget. The monthly hospitalization and then nursing home rehab cycle went on for eight months until my Mom passed in October. The media attention of the opioid problem in our country keeps last year fresh in my mind for one reason – the amount of pain medication my elderly mother was sent home with. She was given scripts for pain meds from her primary doctor and podiatrist before her hospital and rehab stays began in February.

She was well-stocked, to say the least. She was only home one week (if that) each month before the next round of stays began. Following her discharge from rehab, she got more scripts, which I never filled because she had a supply left over. She was even sent home with the actual leftover pain meds in blister packs from the nursing facility. Reason being, she paid for them so she might as well take them.

I hope someone pays more attention to the senior connection. I’m sure a lot of seniors have some people who care for them or visitors who might have the inclination to take these meds and either use them themselves or sell them for a hefty profit.

Karen Patterson

Orchard Park