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Letter: Frustrated citizens view Trump as a wrecking ball

Frustrated citizens view Trump as a wrecking ball

Both George Will and Susan Estrich in their op-eds expressed a dissatisfaction with the current choice of the Republican Party for president, but they don’t see the forest for the trees. People vote for Donald Trump because he will destroy it all. The majority of his voters do not support any agenda or plan for change because they don’t believe it can happen within our current system, thus Bernie Sanders’ demise. They are so disenchanted that all they want is revenge and an outlet for their anger.

Trump is an outlaw who can’t be tamed. They vote for him because of this stance, not because he believes anything that will actually help solve any problems. He is a wrecking ball, a tearing down of everything and a representative of the hopelessness of changing the system. Unfortunately, for us, he has no rebuilding plan and will never offer one because this would divide his exasperated base. He unifies anger.

A vote for Trump is a long-dormant reaction against the status quo that heavily favors the rich and entrenched powers. It is truly a revolution but one with no direction except resentment and its uncontrolled leader.

John Brandenberger