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Letter: Trump is redefining party, Republicans will regret it

Trump is redefining party, Republicans will regret it

The mantra of the Republican Party after the last two presidential elections was the need to be more inclusive (i.e., more non-white voters) in order to win back the White House. Then along came Donald Trump, with his anti-immigrant, xenophobic, misogynistic rantings, and the doors to the Big Tent slammed shut. Now, with a Trump nomination all but inevitable, more and more of the Republican leadership is signing up for the Trump candidacy.

A once-vehement opposition has been replaced with a fretful resignation tied to the potential for Trump to defeat the right wing’s universally hated Hillary Clinton. But if Trump were to win the presidency, the outcome for the GOP would be a Pyrrhic victory at best and an unmitigated disaster at worst. In light of the changing demographics of the U.S. population, by aligning themselves with a Trump vision of America, the conservatives would even further establish themselves as being a party of traditional, white American voters. Extricating themselves from this self-inflicted dilemma would be a monumental task.

Just as Abraham Lincoln was able to define the Republican Party for over a century and a half, a Trump victory could redefine the party in a manner that conservatives regret for decades to come.

Richard Piechowicz