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Letter: Why are teachers so afraid to let Perry talk to parents?

Why are teachers so afraid to let Perry talk to parents?

Everybody knows Buffalo has an educational crisis. It’s unconscionable that we are allowing generations of children to be left behind.

As a Buffalo native and a father, I keep waiting for the district and the School Board to make it right.

Unfortunately, the election of Buffalo Teachers Federation-backed candidates to the board – who are opposed to charter schools, receivership and real innovation – means change and reform are a pipe dream. Those are dirty words to Buffalo’s education establishment.

That’s why these people are fighting so hard to keep Steve Perry from delivering the keynote address at the district’s Parent Assembly this Friday.

District Superintendent Kriner Cash even said he’s “not a fan” of Perry. What exactly is not to like? Perry is about giving low-income, minority kids a great education so they can succeed in college and life.

Perry is a nationally recognized educator with a record of achievement and insights to share. Every graduate from his Hartford, Conn., school goes to college. Unlike Buffalo, Perry has done incredible work educating poor, minority children.

If Buffalo had tainted water like Flint, Mich., and someone wanted to show us how to clean it up, wouldn’t everyone rush to provide a forum?

Well, Buffalo’s water may be fine but there’s a public school crisis that’s killing the futures of so many children. Perry is coming to show ways to clean it up. Let him speak. The only thing the BTF has to fear is the truth.

Duncan Kirkwood