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Letter: Results in Lancaster schools show strong leadership

Results in Lancaster schools show strong leadership

The Lancaster School District, in collaboration with the Lancaster Youth Bureau, has surveyed Lancaster middle school and high school students utilizing the Search Institute’s Developmental Asset Survey over the past 15 years, and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

The Developmental Asset framework is divided into 20 external assets that are positive experiences that families, schools, neighborhoods and community groups and organizations provide young people, and 20 internal assets that are the positive commitments, skills and values that form a young person’s inner guidance system. The more assets kids have the better.

The results from the 2015 survey show that Lancaster students have substantially increased their asset levels in 25 of the 40 Developmental Assets since they took the survey in 2010.

What is remarkable is that the assets of achievement motivation, school engagement, homework and bonding to school grew by large numbers, along with the assets of caring school climate, parent involvement in schooling and school boundaries, attest to the fact that many excellent things are happening in the Lancaster schools.

It is obvious that the Lancaster School District, led by Superintendent Michael Vallely, is truly making a positive difference in the lives of our young people in the Lancaster community.

Another example of their effectiveness is the Business First ranking of the Lancaster schools. The improvements in both the Search Institute survey and the Business First data over the years show how lucky we are in Lancaster to be guided by these exceptional educators.

John Trojanowsky

Executive Director

Lancaster Youth Bureau