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Letter: Trump’s quest for power has frightening parallels

Trump’s quest for power has frightening parallels

Many people feel that comparisons of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are unwarranted. It seems that they have failed to learn the lessons of history.

Hitler first gained power, legally, six years before firing the first shot of World War II. During that time, he made Germany “great” again by blaming Germany’s problems on Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals, as well as communists, trade unionists and various “inferior” races, while touting German exceptionalism. All the world marveled at Germany’s rise from the ashes of World War I while saddled with punitive reparations and hampered by hyperinflation requiring a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread. He even got his picture on the cover of Time as its Man of the Year.

It wasn’t until Hitler had gained absolute power that many of the German people realized they had made a “horrible, horrible mistake,” as Trump would say. Alas, it was too late to change the course of history.

Can’t happen here? It most certainly can. Personally, I believe Trump to be pathologically insecure – just like most bullies.

John C. Hermes