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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 6853 Bear Ridge Road, Douglas Wojciechowski; Douglas J. Wojciechowski; Marilyn Wojciechowski; Marilyn A. Wojciechowski to Fannie Mae, $129,801.


• River Road, David W. Wiley; Roberta W. Wiley to Janelle M. Siuta; Joshua A. Siuta, $249,000.

• 4701 Curtis Ct North, Mellon Bank of New York; GSC Alternative Loan Trust Notes; Select Portfolio Servicing to Laura Capizzi; Michael Capizzi, $220,000.

• Bridgeman Road, Carol M. Lamb; Ray D. Lamb Sr. to Gail M. Grimmer; James P. Grimmer, $129,000.

CITY OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $158,000 Average price: $85,812 Median price: $92,000 Number of Sales: 8

• Akron Road, Daniel T. Cole to Cheryl Rinker; Tyler W. Rinker, $158,000.

• Carolina Ave., Melissa Valley to Michael J. Lang-Riccobono, $155,500.

• 135 Pine St., Jeremy J. Kaiser to HSBC Bank, $147,231.

• Roosevelt Drive, Heather A. Harzewski; William J. Harzewski to Patricia A. Halbig-Nicholson; Douglas C. Nicholson, $92,000.

• 94-96 Massachusetts Ave., Bronze Creek Title Trust; Christiana Trust to Kenneth F. Kobylanski; Lynn Marie Kobylanski, $63,061.

• Price St., Douglas C. Nicholson; Sarah J. Nicholson to Julie A. Bishop, $49,000.

• 70 Genesee St., Mark Diefenbach to Rebel Properties, $12,000.

• 453 Vine St., Mary L. Bane to Fannie Mae, $9,700.


• Academy Lane, Marie Andree Peacock; Michael Peacock to Miriam Hohensee, $119,500.

• 8 Lake Ave., Dorothea L. Burt; Catherine R. Gorman; Sandra A. Smith to Doug Devoogel, $28,000.


• 50 Beebe Road, Karen J. Thurman to Kevin B. Brooks Jr., $115,000.

• 3526 Murphy Road, Fannie Mae to Deborah Yarger, $86,000.

• 2982 Hess Road, Clarice L. Aranio; Strong C. Erwin; Francis W. Strong; Gordon L. Strong; Lynford L. Strong; Roger W. Strong to April McGaffick; Jason Strong, $71,300.

• 3958 Coomer Road, David E. Mormel; William J. Stuyvenberg to Tonya M. Pillot, $57,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $145,000 Average price: $50,750 Median price: $39,000 Number of Sales: 29

• Madison Ave., Daniel D. Supon to Michael Maio, $145,000.

• Dudley Ave & Packard Road, Anthony G. Spatorico Sr. to Monel F. Tobin, $120,000.

• 3924 Bell St., John Moore; John C. Moore to Kondaur Capital Corp; Matawin Ventures Trust, $104,567.

• Pine Ave., Jean Muckley; Ronald Muckley to 2910 Pine Ave. Realty, $100,000.

• 2609 Ferry Ave., Norman A. Olsen to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $95,845.

• 1755 & 1653 Falls St., DHGF LLC to Frances Duvall; Horizon Trust Co, $77,720.

• 249 77th St., Darryl D. Blech to Keybank National Assoc, $76,114.

• Chapin Ave., Rosalind C. Brown to Samantha J. Kwan, $68,000.

• 6206 Stephenson Ave., Susan Draper to Structured Asset Investment; US Bank National Assoc, $66,500.

• 346 Portage Road, Wing Properties to R Levy, $50,000.

• 2018 Independence Drive, Wing Properties to Ron Two, $43,000.

• 427 19th St., Hooks Handyman Service to DHGF LLC, $41,500.

• 1960 Whitney Ave., Wing Properties to R Levy, $40,000.

• 2138 Jerauld Ave., Wing Properties to Ron Two, $40,000.

• 624 21st St., Redbird Properties to Dror Samoha, $39,000.

• 1421 22nd St., KWEB Properties to Ron Two, $38,500.

• 2420 Pierce Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Ron One, $38,500.

• 2423 Pierce Ave., KWEB Properties to Ron One, $38,500.

• 536 22nd St., Equity Trust Co; Kevin Seaman to Ron Two, $38,000.

• 2229 Pierce Ave., Redbird Properties to Ron One, $36,500.

• 23rd St., Sisters of St. Francis of Holy Name Province to Robert J. Keener, $35,000.

• 2316 14th St., Danielle Canazzi; Equity Trust to Ron One, $34,500.

• 1350 Cleveland Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Ron One, $33,500.

• 85th St., Traci Schwartz Radle; Traci S. Schwartz to Kathleen T. Edwards, $24,500.

• 440 4th St., Bayview Loan Servicing to John McCloy, $18,000.

• 2609 Ferry Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to LR Capital Ventures, $9,000.

• Bk D 20th St., Malini P. Mehta to Jeffrey Velez, $6,667.

• 2211 Rhode Island Ave., Malini P. Mehta to Jeffrey Velez, $6,667.

• Bk Pierce Ave., Malini P. Mehta to Jeffrey Velez, $6,667.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $150,000 Average price: $83,478 Median price: $79,900 Number of Sales: 9

• Meadow Dr. South, Susan Faust; Susan L. Faust; Gary Stiegman; Richard A. Stiegman to David J. Faust; Susan L. Faust, $150,000.

• 1737 Ruie Road, Howard J. Meyer; Lucille Durow Meyer; Howard J. Myer to Michael P. Clancy; Linda R. Siezega, $135,000.

• Oliver St., David G. Gademsky; Mark L. Gademsky to Oliver Express Mart, $120,000.

• Niagara Falls Blvd., Daniel A. Wiechec; John F. Wiechec; Sophie D. Wiechec to Gerald Granto; David P. Stornelli, $98,000.

• 44 1st Ave., Irene J. Forth to Kathleen L. Boots, $79,900.

• 304 Bryant St., Marilyn Guidotti; Juanita Joyce to Philip J. Beamer, $70,000.

• 802 Pioneer Drive, Karen Ruffino; Donald Senko; Karen Senko to Core Beliefs Development, $54,000.

• 163 Jackson Ave., Citimortgage to Raymond A. Campbell, $24,400.

• Porter Ave., Deborah L. McInnis; Ellis John McInnis to Scott A. Depaolo, $20,000.


• Paddock Ridge, Majestic Woods Development to Debra K. Tokarczyk; Steven C. Tokarczyk, $40,000.


• Howard Drive, Margaret M. Scarano to Ann M. Spencer; Gordon R. Spencer, $155,000.

• Lake Road, Andrew C. Rawls to Matthew Italia; Gregory Phillies, $92,000.


• Slayton Settlement Road, David S. Hill to Zachary J. Yates, $140,000.

• McNalls-Gasport Road, Marie L. Spencer; Marie W. Spencer; Muriel S. Spencer; Paula H. Watson to Amanda B. Brittin; Stephen G. Brittin, $95,050.


• Lakeside Drive, Karen M. Jorgensen; Timothy J. Jorgensen to Todd J. Avery, $255,500.

• Lakeside Drive, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Buddy G. Stevens; Marlene H. Stevens, $216,430.

• Niagara Road, Adeleen Neubauer to Javier J. Rodriguez, $106,000.

• 7018 Lakeside Drive, DS of Wheatfield to NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York, $41,000.


• Harwood Ave & Lake Road, Michael K. Emo; Nancy E. Emo to 676 Properties, $214,000.