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Letter: Sanders could accomplish great things as president

Sanders could accomplish great things as president

I expect nonsense with the work of political cartoonist Richard Ramirez, yet this time Tom Toles, of all people, advances the dubious proposition that Bernie Sanders’ proposals are less specific and less thought out than those of other candidates.

Actually, to take one example – the problem of excessive Wall Street power (there are those who think this is a problem) – Sanders has stated, inter alia, that he would break up the big banks and advocate a 21st century version of Glass-Steagall.

He need not say more. To insist, as one op-ed columnist recently did, that Sanders spell out precisely how he would do so is willfully obtuse.

After Franklin Roosevelt said, “we will defeat Germany,” no one said he was being vague and that he needed to be more specific.

Sanders will have the executive power of the American presidency, no small thing. If he can garner the strong support of the American people, Sanders would be positioned to accomplish great things, even with the opposition of the wealthy few. It has happened before.

John M. MacCallum