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Letter: A building is not needed to properly worship God

A building is not needed to properly worship God

People worship God in different places. You do not need a building to worship God. Many churches in Western New York have services outside in the summer and the parishioners sit on lawn chairs. “Park and Pray” is a great experience for all. I loved the idea that I could choose to sit in my car or sit on a lawn chair, or the grass if I wished.

Everyone is not accepted in certain churches because of who they are or what they represent. Cleveland Heights Church is an open and affirming church and is accepting to everyone, and that includes the “Park and Pray” service on Saturday. Many people feel intimidated walking in a church and do not want to be bombarded with questions. They want a safe place where they can worship God on their own time and in their own space.

“Park and Pray” is spiritually uplifting, with excellent Christian music. The pastor’s teachings are used in everyday life experiences. I would rather spend 30 minutes at “Park and Pray,” where I am spiritually nourished, than 30 minutes in a church where the priest/minister is just going through the motions of a service.

Kathleen Tomasik

Cleveland Heights Christian Church