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Letter: Trump just might be Americans’ only hope

Trump just might be Americans’ only hope

One thing that Donald Trump has exposed is that D.C. is all about D.C. The establishment cares more about protecting its own club than doing what’s right for the country. Proof of this is that the GOP would rather have an establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, become president over Trump, because he is not part of the club.

Trump will take a bulldozer to the D.C. elite and the complicit media, exposing all the corruption, cronyism and backroom deals that line the D.C. pockets. The elite use the Republican/Democratic platforms to create the illusion that government is for the people, when in reality, government is for the club and its limited number of participants. We the people get the crumbs off the feasting table.

D.C. banks on people putting party over country. The problem is, the country has fallen into this trap set many years ago, and now we the people are losing our country, freedoms, liberty, jobs, security and money.

Experts say a $24 trillion national debt is the point of no return. The D.C. elites are doing nothing to stop this insanity. No matter what you think of Trump, he is quite possibly the only hope for the average American to protect your money and the America that the Founding Fathers created.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Voting for Clinton, Sanders or Ted Cruz defines insanity. Any establishment candidate will hit $24 trillion by the end of his or her first term. Do we keep voting party affiliation, or do what’s best for America?

Martin J. Dziwulski