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Donald Trump calls in to WBEN radio

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump called in to Tom Bauerle's show on WBEN 930 AM this afternoon.

Trump called in to Bauerle's show just before 4 p.m. from Pittsburgh where he was about to give a speech and spoke with the host for about 20 minutes during a cordial and non-confrontational interview.

Bauerle began by saying he wanted to get into "more substantive issues" during the interview but first asked if Trump had met Wednesday with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, with whom the candidate had been feuding.

Trump confirmed he met with Kelly today in New York for 45 minutes.

"We had a good discussion and, you know, I was frankly, Tom, impressed that she called because we've been going to war for a long time and, you know, at a certain point maybe that doesn't make sense," Trump said.

Trump was then asked about the prospect of selecting one of his remaining rivals for the nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, as his running mate.

"I just think it's too early to talk about that aspect of it," he said.

Bauerle continued to press Trump about the possibility of a Trump-Cruz ticket.

"You guys would be a very complementary team. I think he would put you in the White House if you ran with him," Bauerle said.

But Trump deferred, noting only that he got along well with Cruz prior to the race for the Republican nomination.

Trump was also asked about the candidacy of Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich. "The problem that he's got is he's 1 for 32," Trump said, referring to Kasich's only primary win in his home state.

Bauerle then asked Trump how he would win over women voters in a general election. Trump said many women supporters turned out at his recent rallies in New York -- in Rome, Rochester and Albany.

"I think we're going to do great with women. I think we're going to do great with African-Americans, I think it's going to be - because I'm bringing jobs back, Tom, I'm bringing jobs back. Nobody else is going to bring jobs back. That's what I do."

Bauerle asked Trump how he would do that if most factory jobs are being mechanized by robots.

"The truth is our jobs are being taken away from us by Mexico and lots of other places and they're going to other places and it's terrible," he said.

Trump then mentioned his upcoming rally on Monday at First Niagara Center in downtown Buffalo. "I hear we're going to have a phenomenal crowd, by the way, thousands," he said.

Bauerle said he had to ask Trump "questions you're probably not going to like," such as how he ended up being questioned about abortion by Chris Matthews on MSNBC. During that interview, Trump said “there has to be some form of punishment” for women who undergo illegal abortions.

"I wanted to pull it back because I thought it was too strong an answer actually, and I did pull it back, and it's been, I haven't heard about it, frankly, since you mentioned it right now," Trump told the radio host.

Bauerle then asked if Trump had considered a "filter" on his Twitter account. Trump talked about the millions of followers he has on various social media accounts and called social media "an asset."

"A lot of people say that social media is the reason, one of the primary reasons that I'm actually leading the campaign," he said.

Trump was also asked:

  1. About his loss to Cruz in the Colorado primary: "In Colorado what happened is they changed the rules after I entered," Trump said. "It was something that they shouldn't have done."
  2. How he can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election if Clinton has received more votes in the primaries than Trump: "I was playing against a much, much larger field of candidates," Trump said of the original field of 17 Republicans.
  3. How he beats what Bauerle called the "media narrative" trying to bring down Trump: "Her record is terrible," Trump said of Clinton. "You look at what happened with Libya. You look at what happened with everything she's touched has turned out terribly."

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