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Letter: Many are working hard to strengthen East Side

Many are working hard to strengthen East Side

No sooner is the bloom off the Easter lily than The News writes a predictably knee-jerk article on the “empty” Broadway Market in the days following the holiday rush of shoppers. It doesn’t take much foresight to point out that the number of people going to the market right after the huge crush of Easter will be smaller. What is troubling is the article’s tone of negativity that cavalierly writes off a whole section of the city.

The pat observation that the Broadway Market has “few customers and little hope” is belied by the many Broadway-Fillmore residents and activists, such as the volunteer “Friends of the Broadway Market,” working daily to improve it. These folks know that the challenges are many and that a lot of hard work has to be done to make the East Side a stronger, better, more prosperous community. But what they won’t do is surrender to despair reflected in the not very helpful article.

The City of Buffalo is committed to strengthening the Broadway Market, as it has since 1888. The mayor and Common Council committed over $500,000 in recent months for a new commercial kitchen and floor improvements. Market Manager Kathy Peterson organizes weekly events to bring people into the market year-round, while permanent rent-paying vendors serve shoppers throughout the year.

There are many stakeholders dedicated to improving the historic community. Torn Space Theater recently received hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve its space at the Adam Mickiewicz Library, Buffalo’s oldest continually running theater. St. Stanislaus and Corpus Christi Church continue to anchor the neighborhood. And immigrants from Bangladesh are buying homes and opening new businesses. Perhaps The News needs to show a little more faith in Buffalo.

David A. Franczyk

Council Member

Fillmore District