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Letter: GOP establishment is desperate to save itself

GOP establishment is desperate to save itself

Using America’s feelings against Muslims and Hispanics as a launching pad, Donald Trump has climbed to the status of the Republican Party’s front-runner in the 2016 race for the White House. The problem is that the Republican establishment doesn’t much like the Donald.

The GOP’s “Plan A” was to laugh Trump off and see him crash and burn in the primaries. This failed. “Plan B” was to publicly thrash at him, but their jabs ended up helping Trump. The more he distances himself from the Republican Party, the more the people like him.

Currently, the party’s strategy appears to be standing behind Sen. Ted Cruz. He is no golden child for them, but he is a realistic and suitable alternative to Trump. John Kasich would be more preferable as far as electability, but he cannot win the nomination based on simple mathematics.

The GOP’s possible doomsday “Plan D” will be put in effect if no one wins the majority. The GOP would conceive a contested convention and bring about someone whom all of the delegates could agree on. This could cause an uproar, because a poll published by Politico says that 60 percent of Republicans want the candidate with the plurality of the delegates to receive the nomination. However, even if the voters don’t like it, the Republican Party would rather save itself than please the people.

It is questionable whether the GOP will be able to bring its “Plan D” to fruition. It can be foiled instantly if Trump garners the majority.

Declan Hurley