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Sarah Koenig to speak at UB Center for the Arts

There’s Netflix and HBO GO. There’s Amazon Prime and Spotify and Pandora.

And thanks to a print and radio journalist-turned-podcast star, there’s “Serial.”

Sarah Koenig, a producer and host of NPR’s “This American Life” and a former newspaper reporter, is the co-creator of “Serial,” widely regarded as the first podcast to go mainstream.

Or put another way, the first podcast that captured “binge” listeners – fans who listen to every episode intently, consuming each one rabidly and sometimes in succession just as they would a show like “House of Cards.” But unlike “House of Cards,” the stories Koenig and her colleagues tell in “Serial” are real.

The first season, which launched in 2014, used all 12 episodes to dig into the 1999 murder case of an 18-year-old in Baltimore, unfolding the story in a long-form narrative style that is reminiscent of the best of fiction: surprising, thought-provoking and always compelling.

Koenig will present “Binge-Worthy Journalism” at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts, North Campus, Amherst.

Tickets are $34.50 ($24.50 for students of any school; $15 for UB students). Call 645-6915 or visit

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