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Letter: Marine mammals shouldn’t be bred for entertainment

Marine mammals shouldn’t be bred for entertainment

Shame on The News for including SeaWorld in a travel article for places to see near Orlando. Even though the writer alludes to the controversy surrounding the park, apparently that isn’t troubling enough to give it a miss. She cites the thrilling rides and interactive animal exhibits as her reason for recommending the attraction.

Unfortunately, the animal shows are exactly why we should not visit the park. Orcas, dolphins and other marine mammals shouldn’t be taken out of the wild or, worse, bred in captivity to provide us with entertainment. Orcas shouldn’t be in small enclosures that drive them essentially bonkers. Dolphins shouldn’t be subjected to swimming with humans and being exposed to certain diseases.

If you want an interactive experience with sea life, try the Clearwater Marina. It rescues and rehabs marine life, and the only animals it has are not able to be released back into the wild. Or maybe take a boat trip for a whale or dolphin watch. Your kids just might learn something in the process.

Linda Battaglia