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Letter: Why don’t NFL team owners foot the bill for new stadiums?

Why don’t NFL team owners foot the bill for new stadiums?

Are you kidding me? We need a new stadium because the NFL thinks our existing stadium is so old it’s embarrassing. Give us a break. The reason stated was that it will make more income opportunities for the NFL. Last I had heard, the league stated the NFL group had profits in the billions, that’s with a B!

What benefit do the Bills fans get from a new stadium? Only the NFL benefits from the higher prices for tickets. The fans still get the same team, the same food options, the same beer, the same weather, the same traffic to get to any new stadium, etc. But don’t forget, they also get higher ticket costs for the game, higher food costs, parking costs, etc.

What a deal! If new stadiums need to be built, I think it’s time for the NFL owners to start a building fund and set aside some of their profits to help build the kind of stadiums that won’t embarrass their supporters. Then every year or so, they can pick out a stadium that needs to be rebuilt and put their money where their mouths are.

This would be an easy solution that doesn’t kill one individual owner’s pocket or the fans of the team. Also, taxpayers who don’t frequent the games won’t be seeing raises in their taxes to help pay for “pretty” new stadiums they won’t ever see.

Gerald Krause

East Concord